The death of the main protaganist, Okonkwo in Chinua Achebe’s novel, Things Fall Apart, speaks to its readers about the destruction of the old customs and traditions in Nigeria that occurred when the white man invaded his country, bringing with him his Christianity and all it stands for which was the division between people who were and are indigenous to the country of Nigeria.  Okonkwo’s world was shattered by the invasion of white men who had no respect for the indigenous people or their customs.  Okonkwo commits suicide because he can not change with the times.  Many of Okonkwo’s people have been converted to Christianity including one of his sons.  Very few of the Ibo in the villages stand up to the District Commisioner whose laws most Ibo people are willing to obey.  It is the six elders of the clan who are willing to negociate with the District Commisioner–but on their own terms.  The fact that these six men are tricked into meeting with the DC and are arrested and mistreated by the messengers who are also Nigerians replicates the tragedy that is now known as the slave trade between warring Africans who kidnapped people from different tribes and sold them to Europeans who bottled them up in slave ships and sent them across The Middle Passage.  Okonkwo felt betrayed not only by the white man but by his own people.  The old ways of conducting one’s life was disappearing.  Okonkwo felt that he could no longer live in a world where men acted like women instead of warriors.  Christianity was a trick to brainwash Africans into believing in their one God so that the white man could make a profit from Ibo’s land and all of the resources that came from Mother Africa.  Although many of the customs of the Ibo people are disturbing to the outsider that was their way of life and nobody asked the white man to change his worldview only respect the worldview of the Ibo.


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