I was stunned but not surprised when I read a comment that the character Susan made when she said, “These people never fight civilized wars, do they? So much for calling it a civil war.”  Further down the page Susan says, “Look what happened in the Congo.  These people have no sense of peace.  They’d sooner fight until the last man is down–”  The phrase “these people” sounds so familar. It is so American and so European.  These statements are so racist in origin.  There is no such thing as  a civilized war.  There is nothing rational about war.   To suggest that only Africans fight uncivilized  wars is typical of the attitudes of many whites.  There was nothing civilized about World War I or World War II.  The holocaust in Europe represents just how evil man can be.  The potential for evil exists within us all regardless of color.  The African holocaust that began in the fifteenth century when European explorers reached West Africa and North, South America and the Caribbean represents just how evil man can be and to what lengths he will go to gain material wealth such as gold which Europeans took from West Africa, the Caribbean, and North and South America.  Because of Europeans, between twenty to twenty-five million Native Americans were killed just in the Caribbean according to historian John Henrik  Clarke in his book titled, Christpher Columbus and the African Holocaust.  Europeans have gone to great lengths to boister their economy by stealing gold, oil, and blood diamonds from West Africans.  European explorers have done the same in “The New World” by killing Native Americans for gold and working African slaves to death on the tobacco and cotton plantations.  Africans have fought wars for thousands of years even when Europeans were living in caves.  To suggest that Africans are the only ones who fight uncivilized wars suggests a feeling of superiority on Susan’s part.  It’s okay to live in Nigeria and to have not men but “house boys” wait on you hand and foot it’s okay as long as you remember that you come from a “superior race” of people that it is somehow acceptable to call Africans uncivilized is to much.


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