The Novel is over, but not all questions are answered

I know this is the time to expound on theme of Half of a Yellow Sun, but this novel left me with so many questions, so I am going to take this space to ask them.  (I have limited myself to my top three questions).

  1. Why are parallels central in the novel?  We this in almost every circumstance of tragedy.  Odenigbo leaves to burry his mother, despite Olanna telling me that it is too dangerous and he will not be able to find her.  Later, Olanna leaves in search of her sister despite Odenigbo telling her the same thing.  A darker parallel in this novel concerns the gain rape that Odenigbo participated in while he was in the army.  When he later returns to his village he learns that a similar group of soldiers had gang raped his sister.  If the “freedom fighters” did such horrible things to civilians it is worth question whether they are really heroes.
  2. Was it the killing of Odenigbo’s mother that prompted Odenigbo to give up and revert to alcoholism, or were there other events that more subtly affected him prior to this?
  3. If you were to say this novel is mainly about one (and only one) character, which would it be?

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