The death of Ken Saro Wiwa is just another example of the history of atrocities that minorities in Nigeria have suffered: first at the hands of the British then perpetuated by different tribal majorities-all because of greed and hatred.  During the Biafran War we learned about the massacres of the Igbo people not until reading The Pan-African Nation did I know that the Ogoni suffered mistreatrment and strarvation at the hands of the Igbo people also from the Igbo’s enemies who used the Ogoni as scapegoats.   If only the tribal groups could have formed an alliance that included all of the minoritiy tribes as well. Nigeria could have been a great nation.  Instead Nigeria is another one of black Africa’s tragic stories.  Nigeria is only a first world country in that it is no different than the first world countries that are involved in corruption.  Nigeria is an oil rich country, there is no reason why the wealth that comes from that country shouldn’t be shared equally among the different tribal groups.  But in many ways Nigeria is no different from America when it comes to greed and the enormous amounts of money that the rich Americans spend on themselves going on shopping sprees, hosting lavish parties in huge mansions while the poor , the homeless, and now the middle class suffer.  The way the Nigerian military mutilated Ken Saro Wiwa’s face with acid along with the other eight Ogoni activists is shocking but should we as Americans really be surprised?  The Nigerians live under military rule: we as Americans live in a police state where unarmed black men, women, and children are shot to death by cops who receive little and in most cases no time at all.  The truth is a dangerous thing to reveal especially if you are a minority of color here in the United States.  The truth is also a dangerous thing if you speak out too loudly for anyone regardless of color.  In America we have tribes:blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asian, Africans all trying to get a share of the American pie.  What seperates us is class and wealth or the lack of wealth.


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