This may be a creative stretch of the imagination, but I purpose comparing the author of the documentary we saw in class to the role that Richard had in Half of a Yellow Sun.  (Yes, I’m sure that got some chuckles, but hear me out).  Richard moved to Nigeria to study cultural art and the documentary director went to DRC to building of a library.  Both were western foreigners who went to Africa for completely non-political reasons.  However, shortly after being there they became immersed in the political injustices that surrounded the people and became politically active by attempting to spread awareness of these respective crisis abroad.  Richard took a job as a journalist and a guide for foreign journalists.  The documentary director returned to the DRC to listen to and record the locals’ stories.  Richard had the aggravating experience of showing Nigeria to a two Eurocentric journalists who had already formed their opinions before asking questions.  The documentary director had a similar experience when she organized a phone interview between a freedom fighter and a BBC newscaster.  The newscaster repeatedly asked him if he supported kidnapping oil company workers and murdering civilians.  Despite the freedom fighter’s patient and persistent refusals that did not change the news report that was aired that week.


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