I am absolutely astonished by the film we watched in class, Sweet Crude. Many things astonished me, most of all, just how little I actually know about the situations and corruption in Nigeria. I admit this ignorance to prove a point.


Before Nigerian Lit, I am also taking a sociology class, “Views of the Third World”. I recently watched a documentary in said class entitled The End of Poverty? Between Views of the Third World and Nigerian Lit, my mind has been blown. I represent, I think, part of the problem.


It’s not that I deliberately ignore what’s going on. But I think the problem is the fact that it isn’t widely reported on or a talked about subject in the U.S. Also, the information that hits me, is all misconstrued lies anyway by the journalists who just want a good and exciting story.


I feel guilty about not being informed properly, and about the plight of the people in post-colonial areas that are victims of the actions of the government of a country in which I am born and raised. I want to do something. I want to help. I want to be part of something globally. But how? Does anyone else feel like they just woke up? Does anyone else know how a poor college student can help? I’m tired of reading about the world and want to help it now. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do with my education? Apply the knowledge I gain to the world I inhabit?


About aliciahue

I am a Literature Major at AU and I'm an aspiring writer. I transferred from Frederick Community College in Maryland. My favorite type of literature is Middle Ages and Renaissance Literature.

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