I just want to start of by saying that this was probably one of the most fun stories I’ve read in a while, and from the discussion during class, there is a very good possibility that I’m going to want to read more market literature. It was no secret in reading this particular pamphlet, however, that trouble would come from trying something like illegal injections and three weeks of training on how to use them. Not surprisingly, many of the patients injected suffered from arsenic poisoning, either dying like the man in the neighboring village, or, like his wife and son, becoming gaining new medical conditions due to the unclean nature of the needles and toxic injection. What I did find surprising, however, is how Okondu is never actually punished for doing this. Yes, he feels terrible for inadvertently  poisoning Ola and Bom-boy, but Ola covered for him even when she had to admit that the reason for her sudden occurrence of gradual blindness and Bom-boy’s supposed leprosy was probably related to the illegal injections that the two of them had been receiving. The only real consequences are that Ola has to wear glasses due to the small amount of permanent damage to her vision, the time and money spend for her hospitalization and Bom-boy’s leprosy treatments at the leper’s colony, and the 15 pounds that Okondu spent to receive the quack training. After all of the mention of how much of a problem that doing this sort of thing was, I kept expecting something more to happen to him, but it just never did. All that really happened was that the story ended explaining how no doctors can be trusted, whether they’re certified or quacks. It was definitely not the sort of writing style, but I can’t deny it was enjoyable reading.


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