In the Onitsha Market Literature article, Nwoga talks about the changing dynamic between women and men. Nwoga claims that “the writers produce an image of a new type of African girl. The girls are no longer the traditional quiet, modest, playthings of their parents. They write love letters. They are coy. They demand presents from their boy friends and victims. They even deceive men” (39). This idea of the new cunning and  ambitious African girl is clearly evident in Njoku’s Why Boys Don’t Trust Their Girl Friends” which is very similar in message to Beware of Women which we discussed in class. Also present in Why Boys Don’t Trust Their Girl Friends is advice for how to deal with girls, and an appeal to men and boys to learn to deal with this new type of woman.

Nwoga states that “the girls have changed and the boys need a new technique to tackle the new situation” (39). It seems Njoku has some ideas for “new techniques” to deal with girls without going bankrupt or otherwise ruining their lives. One interesting thing that Njoku discusses is boys’ inability to resist women. He argues that women are easily able to resist men, even very attractive ones, and to remain selective and detached. He claims that if men could learn to be distant and selective, they would not seem so desperate for women’s attention. If men had the ability to ignore women and pretend to be uninterested, as women pretend towards men, they would not give in so easily and fall prey to every woman’s demands for money and gifts. Although most of Njoku’s pamphlet blames women for being evil, and even goes so far to state that “they are very dangerous and very deceitful. Women and money are the evil nets of the world. Women love money more than their lives and they are the main roads to hell” (32), his appeal to men to change their desperate behavior suggests that they also play a part in this new, bank-breaking dynamic.


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