At the beginning of each chapter, there is short quip regarding kola nuts and their societal implications. Like what we saw with Things Fall Apart, they imply that the kola nut holds an almost sacred position in clan rituals. It is used when welcoming someone into your home, in divination rituals, and is of utmost importance in finding the “truth of the clan” (24).

The beginning of Chapter 7 introduces a new idea regarding the number of lobes of the kola nut:

“Just like the kola nut, people have distinct lobes of energy. These determine their life plan. Four is the highest number, the King nut. The sorceror. Three is the seer, the singer, and the shaper. Two is, for most, the struggle to learn love.”

Which lobe do you think Elvis has? I quickly put him into the three catagory because of his dancing, but then I questioned my choice. Does dancing simply fill a void in Elvis’ life caused by a lack of love? It seems the only person who really loves Elvis is Oye, and even she has a harsh tongue at times. Do you think the lobes can be fluid? Is there a point in your life where you are driven by three lobes, but then fall back to two? Is it like self-actualization, where you must fulfill the two lobe and learn love before becoming a seer, singer, and shaper, and you must fulfill that before becoming the sorceror?

Just some philosiphical thoughts to get us thinking.


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Freshman at American University, studying International Development in sub-Saharan Africa, love travelling and African languages.

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