Lagos represents the results of decdes of dictators stealing the wealth of what could have been a first world metropolis.  Complete with its’ own Disneyland theme park.  Lagos could have joined the 21st century had it not been for the greedy and corrupt leaders of Nigeria.  Oil is a wealth producing commodity that has the power to change a third world country to first class futuristic country.  Look at Kuwait, they have one of the highest standards of living in the world.  In Kuwait there are no homeless people, no poor people.  The people in Kuwait live very well because the government cares about its peoplle.  Unfortunately, for Nigeria the leaders of that country all have colonial midsets-which means snatch and grab the profits from the nations natural resourses and to hell with the people.  There is no reason for Lagos to have slums or any city for that matter in Nigeria.  Just like Willie Lyncgh’s predictions that he could train other slave masters in America to be able to control slaves pyschologically for a thousand years, Europens have accomplished the same thing-it hasn’t been a thousand years but it has been five centuries since Europeans starting with Christopher Columbus arrived on the West Coast of Africa.  Africans working with Europeans to destroy villages and seperate Africns from different tribes from their family members for profit.  Lagos is an example of the spiritual pollution of the people referring to the rich Nigerian leaders who drive around in foreign cars and never see the poor and homeless as they drive past them.  The poor and the homeless in Lagos represent the invisible people in a corrupt nation. Lagos is or will soon be the third most populated city in the world.  It is a shame that the leaders of the newly independent African countries in the 1960’s didn’t read Franz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth  maybe Sub-Saharan countries like Nigeria would be able to boast about how modern their cities are and that poverty and homelessness is a thing of the past.  The oil rich country has produced so many millionaires there is no reason why that wealth should not filter down to the poor and homeless.  I haven’t read Fanon’s Black Skin White Masks but maybe he was writing about the African elite who replaced the Europeans after receiving independence and who became the new oppressors in Africa.


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