I have to say, that though it was interesting to watch, Camilla’s revenge could have been predicted even near the beginning of Emotional Crack. She’d been controlling of Chudi since the beginning, but her desire to continue her hold on him becomes particularly apparent when he tells her that he can no longer continue their adulterous relationship, she warned him that he would regret it. (Though judging by the books that we’ve read for this, for a while I thought that their relationship was fine, since it was probably ok for him to have more than one wife at some point.) When she started befriending Crystal, something seemed a little strange, but it got really suspicious when she proclaimed her love for Crystal. I’d assumed at this point that she was trying to get back at Chudi by sleeping with his wife, but then she actually did seem to fall for her, which was surprising. However, when Crystal broke up with Camilla, Camilla told her, too, that she would regret it. What was interesting, however, is how Camilla managed to get her promised revenge on both of them at the same time by convincing Crystal to sleep with her again and getting Chudi to walk in on them. I was a little confused at the end, however. When Camilla came over to stab Crystal, she claimed it was because if she couldn’t have Crystal, then nobody could. But then she told Chudi that it was his fault when he came in to save his wife.  Needless to say, Camilla killing herself instead was somewhat expected. It was an odd place to to end, but I suppose it worked in the end. I really can’t think of any other way that it could have ended,  but I am still somewhat unsatisfied at the unanswered questions. I can’t help but wonder what happened with the relationship between Crystal and Chudi or if Crystal’s family started to become more accepting of Chudi or even if Chudi decided to change for good this time.


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