Lindsay accurately labeled Emotional Crack a “soap opera”, but I would label it a “smart soap opera”. It was not until the last scene that things got dramatic to point of clichéd. Up until then the characters were fascinating because they all were sympathetic and relatable despite committing or accepting horrible acts of abuse. The character I want to draw attention to Camilla. If we interpret this story through the lens of classical literary archetypes, she would be labeled the “impure woman”. When we first meet her at an outdoor restaurant with Crystal’s husband, I believed she represented one of distractions/temptations that he would have to let go of to rebuild his marriage. It was not until I saw her comforting Crystal during the scene in the nightclub’s women’s restroom that I began to like her. I though that she might use her influence over Crystal’s husband to end his marital abuse. (Ironic, how I hope for the help of one of the people who is harming his marriage.) Her next meeting with him reveals that he IS capable of controlling his violence. She pushes all of his buttons and he almost hits her, but resists because she demands it. He beats his wife because she is vulnerable. We already learned in the club scene that he is controlling and insecure, which leads to his vulnerability. To mask it, he beats on his wife who is more vulnerable.
When Camilla seduced Crystal I assumed that her feelings for her genuine. But in the last scene she intimates to Crystal’s husband that this affair had been her revenge for on him for breaking up with leaving her. This sheds very different light on the previous events. We had already learned that she is just as, if not more, controlling than Crystal’s husband, but by stabbing herself, we witness her being potentially vulnerable.


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