Rahul Rao writes in his book Third World Protest, “LGBT rights have become a marker of modernity, resulting in the creation of new hiearchies–what Jon Binnie calls a new racism–in international politics.”  I disagree with that statement even though Rao writes about people of color who are being oppressed in countries in Africa, The Middle East, and the Far East these oppressed souls are being discriminated, harrassed, and sometimes murdered in their own country by their own people of color–so how can Rao make such a statement.  You can’t usually tell if someone is gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender but you can almost always tell when someone is black or brown– that is what seperates homo-hatred from racism.  Rao is correct when he states that the US and United Kingdom, “LGBT rights(is) taking on the character of a modern day civilizing mission.” The LGBT community in this country certainly has its blind spots when it comes to assessing what is the best approach about addressing what is best for the LGBT communities in places like Zimbabwe and Iran.  It is also true that Christian missionaries played a great part in creating  a more hostile environment for LGBT who lived in countries where white missionaries were trying to “civilize” the natives of color.  I believe that when a LGBT person of color in another country is being oppressed in their own country that the injustice should be consired a human rights crime.  I think that it is prudent for the Palestinian lesbians to work for justice in Israel because they wouldn’t be able to do it in Palestine.  There is the Dagara tribe in West Africa that acceps gays and lesbians.  In fact, the tribe members call them the “gatekeepers” because they believe that gays and lesbians have one foot in the earthly world and the other foot in the spiritual world.  I’m sure there are other places in the world where lesbians and gays are revered.  In all of the places in the world where that type of reverance no longer exists they can thank the Christian missionaries for destroying their form of spirituality.  As it says in the article in so many words the terror that LGBT’s experience is rooted in colonialism and nationalism, both are repressive forces to reckon with when you are a sexual minority.  In places like Jamacia gay men are murdered all the time and no one goes to prision for this terrible crime because such murders are sanctioned by the state.  One Jamacian singer even wrote and sang a song about murdering gay men.


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