While watching The Master, I really couldn’t help but notice the song playing in the background, “I Go Chop Your Dollar.” A lot of it just seemed to be a generic song about scamming at first, but once the video showed Dennis scamming the man from the oil company, then it all seemed to fit. This is especially so because of the mention how Dennis had an airport named after him while he was pretending to be someone else (“National Airport na me get em), in addition to the national stadium he’d “had built” (National Stadium na me build em). Once I noticed this, I began to notice more and more how this song seemed to so perfectly summarize the movie. The first stanza basically talks about how Dennis was dealing with poverty and so needed to get into a business. Even though it is not the most reputable business, the song goes on to explain that Dennis does not see these 419 jobs as thievery, but just a game. That’s all it is to him. He sees it as a game that he makes money on by “winning.” Other parts of the song that match the plot include the mention of the refinery that they were supposedly going to build (“The refinery na me get em”) and the chorus’s repetition of “You be the mugu, I be the master.” As this song fits so perfectly to the movie (and is probably written for it), it leads me to wonder if this is typical in Nollywood films. Are songs typically written for the films?


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