I find The Master a more difficult film for me to follow than Emotional Crack for three main reasons. The first cause of my difficulty is language related. Emotional Crack lacked the local dialect that was present in The Master. While watching the latter film, I kept wishing that there were subtitles. Also, there were many arguments in both part 1 and part 2 of The Master. And during those arguments the dialogue would speed up, making it more difficult for me to understand. The second component of my difficulty is that while Emotional Crack is a drama of domestic relationships where nearly all the conflict is acted out on film, The Master is a drama dealing with con artists and the corruption of marketing, and contracting. Many of the dilemmas are talked about (rather than shown) in meetings, at an extremely fast pace, in heavy dialect. Because of this, I missed a lot of the key information. Therefore, I did not understand events that occurred in subsequent scenes. The third component that made The Master more difficult for me to understand is that deception is key element of its plot. Because I was not able to understand half of the plots and schemes that were vocalized during the business meetings, I was never initially sure when one of our lead characters was seemingly in trouble, whether it was act to con one of his clients or genuine. In addition to these three main points of difficulty, I will also acknowledge that part of my struggle may have been that my interest level affected my attention level. Emotional Crack already had the advantage of holding my attention more than The Master did because I typically tend to find films and literature that focus on relationships, marriage, domestic issues, and familial drama more enticing than get-rich-quick plots.


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