I feel like I was left hanging after the end of The Master.  I want to know what will happen to Dennis! His little inspirational speech at the end, to the journalists, gave some closure.  It was very contradictory though. He tried to change the subject a lot and blame white people for 419 because of slavery.  Yeah slavery sucked and it was awful, but at some point, the child needs to stop blaming their parents when things go wrong. I do however, agree with Dennis when he says that the white guys who come to Nigeria looking for a quick scheme to get rich deserve to get ripped off.  Maybe they don’t deserve it, but you can’t feel too bad for them for being so naïve.  They were looking for a way to make lots of money without working too hard and end up getting screwed.  I don’t really feel bad for anyone in this movie.  I think the only character I had sympathy for in the entire movie was the chemical dealer.  He was just trying to make a living and they had to do a lot to convince him to buy the fake car battery chemical.  Also, that guy was a working class man who did not seem like he was trying to do anything but run his business.  He gets my sympathy because he seemed to be pretty innocent and was not stupid about the business deal, unlike Dennis when he bought the bags of clothes without checking them at the beginning of the movie.


And on an almost unrelated note:


I find the Nigerian film industry really interesting.  Its such a great unifying force for everyday Nigerians.  The wide variety of stories that are told through this medium seem like they will apply to all types of people in Nigeria.  THE AUDIENCE IS SO BIG! My friends didn’t believe me when I told them it was the second largest film industry in the world.  I can’t wait to study abroad in Africa and hopefully get to see more of these films on TV and maybe even buy some! (#africanerd) 


About Bethany

I am a Junior at American University, pursuing a degree in International Studies. I am particularly interested in development in Africa, especially when it comes to education. I am going abroad to Senegal for the spring semester and will be writing about my adventures here.

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  1. Bethany says:

    I also can’t wait to take Professor Green-Simms African film class next semester!!!!!

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